The Sharper Edge of Her: Excerpt 2

Agreeing to meet a stranger off the internet at 1am in another country is a ludicrous thing to do. 

But yet here I am. 

My flight lands at Landvetter airport two hours later than scheduled and I disembark the aircraft, still wobbling, but now also moist at the elbows and prickly with panic. Both my pinkie toes are struck numb from high anxiety. I am late. How rude, how inconsiderate. Ludicrous.  

And what if…? What if this was all some elaborate prank; executed by some old schoolmate bearing a grudge and with a sneering knack for revenge served at its very coldist. What if there was no stranger off the internet? Or what if there was a stranger but the dangerous sort? Those thoughts had not left me.

That is, until I stepped in off the tarmac and out into the fluorescent light of the arrivals hall.

A blonde woman, more spectacles and kindness than face, was hopping there holding a homemade sign with my name on it. 

I’d always wanted to be met at an airport by a person holding a homemade sign with my name on it and so here it was, happening. Art, Actually.

Victoria greeted me with the affection a dear friend might after years spent apart being successful. Or years spent apart being tragically alone and lost. 

‘You are real!’, she chirped. 


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